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During the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, we are following WA state and local guidelines in opening our doors for retreat activity. Currently, no group retreats can be offered safely. We continue to assess which of the retreats on our schedule could potentially be offered and are leaving them open and available for registration for the time being. However, at the current time larger pandemic conditions are not noticeably improving, so chances are high that others among the retreats still listed for fall may have to be canceled.

We are currently offering limited opportunities for highly experienced meditators to come to Cloud Mountain for supported self-retreat. At this time we are allowing 5 - 7 seasoned meditators to come at any one time to be supported for personal retreat.

We are soon transitioning to a new website. Until our new online registration system and the new site are fully up and running, we are using a rather old-school registration process in order to be able to accept registrations for our 2020 retreats. Please view instructions for this process by visiting the Registration tab.

We are not yet ready to post or accept registrations for any of our 2021 retreats. Due to pandemic conditions, the 2021 schedule of group retreats is still in considerable flux.


As of August 21, 2020:

Cloud Mountain’s commitment to creating a safe and healthy place for our retreatants, teachers, staff and volunteers is based on the most current and accurate scientific evidence and data available to us. We can’t believe we have to offer this reassurance, but, yup, that’s how it is right now.

At this time and for the foreseeable future, everyone on site at Cloud Mountain will be required to fully comply with our comprehensive and detailed plans to ensure a healthy and safe environment. Public health experts have repeatedly given all of us the simple guidance needed to keep ourselves and others safe. Here at Cloud Mountain, we’re actually doing those things!! (In contrast to the resistant and rancorous non-compliance we see, sadly, all around us in society.)

We have been updating and bringing a new level of health and safety refinement to many of our retreat practices and procedures. We have adapted to include new protocols in the retreat container including mask wearing, social distancing, hand hygiene, moving indoor activities outdoors, decreasing density in interior spaces, increased ventilation, air purification and choreography to prevent bottlenecks.

We have recently transformed how we utilize the many buildings that make up the retreat center and have opened our doors to offer supported personal retreat for a few highly experienced retreatants at a time. We have our first 5 yogis with us as you read this, doing deep practice in carefully crafted bubbles of safety. It feels wonderful to able to find some safe and healthy possibilities for deep Dhamma practice through the covid-19 crisis even though group retreats continue to be unsafe.

2020 Retreats
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(6 Nights)
Murray KennedyPatsy Boyer
Enlightenment Intensive
November 17 - November 23
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(6 Nights)

Murray Kennedy
Patsy Boyer
Cloud Mountain 2020