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Korrie K
Operations Manager
Korrie is a lover of truth, seeker of magic and fierce supporter of feminine ways of being in the world. Korrie’s winding path to Dhamma service went something like this: competitive athletics to “successful” careers to living for Burning Man and other festivals to yoga teacher trainings and most recently back to school for psychotherapy training. It was just after finishing the counseling degree that Korrie’s dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, which lit her metaphorical hair on fire.

Korrie is wholeheartedly committed to bringing whatever insights and realizations she experiences into this imperfect body, in this messy human life, and most importantly into all of her relationships. Opening to intimacy and living with integrity are the core values that guide Korrie’s life. Monastic life calls to Korrie and she is a supporter of the Theravadan Bhikkhuni sangha, and of monastic women in all lineages who often have a much more difficult path than do the monks. Korrie is most grateful for the opportunity to support the retreat practice of so many beautiful yogis here at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center.
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