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Lloyd Burton
Lloyd Burton discovered the healing power of mindfulness and metta on his first Insight Meditation retreat in 1975, when they substantially dissipated the symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome rooted in his combat experience in Vietnam as a medic. He has been doing practices drawn from the Theravada Buddhist tradition ever since, and teaching them since 1998.

A member of the charter class of the Community Dharma Leaders training program, he serves as guiding teacher for the Insight Meditation Community of Denver, and as president of the board of the Insight Meditation Community of Colorado. He incorporated the organization that founded the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin County, California, in 1985.

Lloyd first learned of Jhana practice at a presentation made by Leigh Brasington at the CDL training. He then sat several retreats with Leigh, assisting on some; while gaining further guidance and counsel in Jhana practice from the Burmese nun Sister Dipankara, in the form taught at the Pa Auk Monastery. Over the last ten years, Leigh and Lloyd have co-taught several Vipassana/Jhana/Metta residential retreats at venues in Colorado and northern New Mexico.
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