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Tina Rasmussen
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Tina's inspiration for her life and teaching is to experience and embody the mystery of the true nature of being, while living a worldly life, and to help others do the same. Students describe her as warm and supportive, with a bright clarity in communication. Tina learned to meditate in 1976, at age 13. In 2003, after years of practice in Buddhist and non-dual traditions, she was drawn to undertake an intensive year-long solo retreat during which a profound opening to true nature occurred. In 2005, Tina attended a retreat with Burmese meditation master Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw, who ordained her as a Buddhist nun. During the retreat, Tina became the first Western woman to complete the entire Samatha path in this lineage. After these life-changing experiences, at first Tina felt a strong pull to become a "cave yogi" and turn away from householder life. As the awakening matured, functioning from this perspective while in the world became a more compelling life's path. In 2007 Tina became the first Western woman authorized by the Sayadaw to teach. Tina now leads retreats and offers spiritual guidance to practitioners worldwide. Tina has also worked as an organizational development consultant and coach for more than 25 years. She completed her Ph.D. in 1995, and has authored several published books on humanistic business practices.
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